What is Linux?

The term "Linux" refers to a set of UNIX-like systems developed by Linus Torvalds , who first created them back in the early 90s.

Since then, Linux has evolved into a variety of different distributions of the GNU operating system.

Linux is a leading Operating System (OS) used extensively to host enterprise server services such as websites, DNS, databases, etc.

It provides a secure, private, and simple way to deploy and manage server services, allowing administrators to focus on building solutions and applications.

Linux has a rich and stable ecosystem, which makes it attractive to enterprise and government customers alike.

However, Linux isn't just limited to server environments. You can get Linux on mobile phones, desktops, laptops, notebooks, super computer, TVs & just about any IoT device you can think of!

It started development in the 90's & is generally a free OS, with users paying for support plans only.

Who Uses Linux?

Just about every company in the world will be running some form of Linux OS somewhere in the organisation.

This could be at enterprise server level or device level.

Android is a Linux based OS, developed by Google which you'll find running on many phones & tablets.

Google originally developed Android for mobile phones, but have since expanded their Android OS to include tablets and other devices.

The list of devices Linux can be installed on can be endless, but it's apparent that Linux isn't limited to specific environments.

How Is Linux Used In The Cloud?

Linux is used extensively in most modern cloud hosting services. Even Microsoft's Azure allows you to run Linux virtual servers!

Due to the stability, flexibility & Open Source license, Linux OS is a very popular choice for hosting websites, databases, web based applications & just about any critical business services within the cloud.

It's a highly capable operating system with many features like secure boot, network management, file and memory management, web server, web application services & much more.

There are several Linux distributions which are used to run most of the popular services such as WordPress, Magento and Drupal.

Some popular Linux distrubtions include:

  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • Redhat
  • OpenSuse

The majority of servers in Amazon & Google data centers run some form of Linux operating system.

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